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South Asians usually stay away from tanning products.  The lighter the skin tone is, usually it is historically and often even now considered more beautiful.  In fact, skin lighteners like Fair n Lovely, heavy skin polishes and exfoliators sell heavily in this market.

That being said, there are products on the market that work well with all skin tones and can even give slightly darker skin the luminescent, sun-kissed look of a tan without darkening the skin in perhaps an unwanted way.

In fact, there definitely seems to be magic in the Vita Liberata Luxury Tan brand and especially their product Body Blur.

I first came across this product when I heard that Rose-Mary Holosko, part of the makeup team who recently won an Oscar for their work on the film Suicide Squad, swears by it.  She was quoted as saying, “It keeps legs and any other body part you use it on looking hydrated, luminescent, and tanned. Even the lightest tone gives great, natural looking coverage.”

So, I thought let’s try this out.  The “Light” shade is definitely far darker than my natural complexion, but more than “colour,” it seemed embedded with iridescent particles and a built-in, very sexy glow. When spread on the skin, the colour dilutes further and it is almost like wearing a nude stocking but with a hint of sparkle.

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When I paired it with Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish, I got an even smoother finish and a brighter glow on my skin.

Highly recommend.


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