The Body Shop Summer Favourites


LADIESFUND highlights some key products from the Summer 2015 collections of The Body Shop.


The Body Shop always comes up with great new product lines and we absolutely love the Virgin Mojito collection.

We tried out the:

  • Virgin Mojito shower Gel 250 ml
  • Virgin Mojito  Body Scrub 250ml
  • Virgin Mojito Body Splash 300ml
  • Virgin Mojito Body Butter 200 ml
  • Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet  200 ml






Although we advise buying the entire limited edition collection, while in stores, our particular favorite products were the body gel, body scrub and body butter combo.

The fragrance of this collection is fabulous, made from the extract of Caribbean lime and mint, with just a hint of Fair Trade Honey from Ethiopia.




The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Collection has always been a favourite for anyone suffering from acne.  We checked out their Tea Tree skin cleansing Facial Wash [suitable for blemished skin] 400 ml and pure Tea Tree Oil 20 ml.  The latter is a classic for placing on any blemish or acne scar, but we were worried the former might be too drying for our dehydrated skin.  Thankfully, it was so gentle, that while the scent was strong and the formula seemed effective, it did not leave the face feeling too dry.


The Honey Bronze Collection helps you achieve the ultimate sun-kissed look.  It has a great scent and is a joy to apply.  We tried out three products:<

  • Honey Bronze tinted leg mist 125 ml body shop
  • Honey Bronze Face gel  25 ml tube body shop/li>
  • Honey Bronze highlighting dome




The Leg Mist was easy to apply and spread, the Face Gel gave a nice hint of colour, but it was the Highlighting Dome that we really fell in love with.  We tried all three shades and were very impressed by the way the product gave a natural looking hint of shimmer, regardless of skin tone.  It was very easy to blend as well!  The soft honey fragrance was an added bonus.


We’ve been a fan of The Body Shop’s Vitamin C collection for a while, really enjoying the fresh, crisp feel of the product, particularly as it gently exfoliates the skin.  So, we were delighted to learn there were some new products available.

We checked out:

  • Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer 25 ml tube
  • Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser  50 ml



The former gives an added boost to the skin, but it is very subtle.  The advertising promises a “rose tint” to the skin, but since the product looks orange, we were a bit nervous.  In the end, there was a tint but too subtle for any colour to be noticed.  The moisturiser, however, we simply fell in love with. It is nice and light-weight without being too light and hydrates the skin perfectly, leaving a fresh feeling.