Ideacity 2018

This year’s Ideacity by Moses Znaimer revolved around the theme “Worlds in Collision.”  Held once again at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, the three day conference focused on topics like Digital Technology (promise or peril), Robots and their Makers, Blockchain, Healthcare, Cannabis, God & Nature, The Unique & the Fascinating, and Freedom of Speech.

Moses Znaimer

Day 1 was the most intense and the most exciting day, featuring a rigorous debate between Peter Diamandis (Founder, Singularity University) and Diane Francis, with a “synthesis” panel comprising of Salim Ismail, Rob Nail, Matthew Fisher, Ramona Pringle, Sasah Grujicic and Jim Harris.

LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood with Singularity Founder Peter Diamandis

People are naturally excited about upcoming technologies, but do fear the loss of privacy.  Francis suggested slowing down technology, and perhaps waiting 5 years so that we could build in checks and balances.  The reality is no one is quite reading the fine print and everyone is eager for the next cool tech gadget or opportunity.

Robotics was a fascinating session featuring Hong Kong’s Ricky Ma as creator of a homemade robot that looks suspiciously like Scarlett Johannesan, but officially called Mark4. The session also featured possibly the first “female robot of colour” Bina48, invented by Bruce Duncan.

Bruce Duncan & his Bina48
LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood converses with Bina48

Day 1 Opening Night Party was once again at Casa Loma.



Day 2 began with an introduction to Blockchain including a Rubik’s Cube trick or two by mentalist Haim Goldenberg. Healthcare 2.0 showed us how pharmacies can lift the burden off of overstretched doctors and hospitals, pending government approval. The Day ended with a multi-speaker session on Cannibis, with a cooking lesson by Ronnie Fischman and an insight into Coffee with Cannibis by Chris James. The session ended with a special performance by Maestro Fresh Wes.

Maestro Fresh Wes
Maestro Fresh Wes

Day 3 explored God & Nature, and then the Unique and the Fascinating. Some of the best sessions of Ideality 2018 were in this fascinating session. Miniaturist William Robertson dazzled with his couture pieces and attention to detail.  Bob Blumer had a ton of fun cooking up some scruptious grub from leftover garbage.

The final session of the conference was on Freedom of Speech.  Terry Mosher & Aislin returned for an insightful look at cartooning globally, and one special highlight was listening to Lindsay Shepherd speak about her fight for Freedom of Speech at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo.

Laughologist provided some much welcome humour to round off the day, while the Dreamboats got everyone dancing on their feet.

Albert Nerenberg

The Closing Night Party at Zoomerplex featured more Dreamboats and an opportunity for all attendees to mingle, network and collaborate.

The Dreamboats performing at the Closing Party at the Zoomerplex
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