Educate a girl

Karachi: The Swiss Consulate General Karachi and the Dawood Global Foundation p     artnered to host an “Educate a Girl Job Pitching Session” at the Swiss Consulate where select deserving girls who were Educate a Girl scholarship winners who are budding journalists gave speed “hire me” pitches to leading members of the media.


“We are happy to support such an important initiative as job placement of vocationally trained girls in Pakistan,” stated Emil Wyss, Swiss Consul General. Mr. Wyss is an Angel donor to the Educate a Girl programme in his personal capacity.

Tara supports educate a girl

“We are honoured to partner with the Swiss Consulate in providing this necessary bridge between education and job placement,” said Tara Uzra Dawood, President, Dawood Global Foundation.






A two hour job pitching training was conducted at the Swiss Consulate prior to the session and the event was followed by a networking dinner for all.


“This was a great learning experience for me in how to present myself at a job interview as well as a wonderful opportunity to meet some leading journalists,” shared Chloris Nadine, Educate a Girl Winner, and cousin to Shallum Xavier of Fuzon.


Representatives from diverse media outlets came out to hear the job pitches and mentor the scholars, while seeking new talent for their profession.