Does Size Really Matter?

Paul Rudd (Clueless, The Object of My Affection) stars as ex-con turned superhero Ant-Man.  He’s likeable, well cast and the story is done well, so why aren’t people lining up to see the film?  In fact, it was Marvel’s second worst opening.  Ever.


We at LADIESFUND decided to get to the bottom of this and asked peeps, particularly guys who are the typical target audience for superhero films.  It ended up the answer was pretty obvious.  Becoming tiny is not very aspirational.  In fact, nothing of the story is very aspirational, neither the Robin Hood style hero nor the suit that shrinks you.  Superman, Spiderman and Batman are all larger than life tales of powers that give you strength and immediate presence.  Ant-man shrinks you so that you are so tiny you can irritate a person to death.

Evangaline Lilly
Evangaline Lilly

That being said, the film is very well acted – also stars Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly – well paced and well written.  If you do decide to see the movie, it is an enjoyable evening out, although ultimately a forgettable film.