Saira Rizwan slays at Fashion Pakistan London

  Saira Rizwan presented her latest collection #Omorfi – meaning “beautiful” in Greek – at London Fashion Parade at the Mandarin Oriental, inspired by the Mediterranean hues of Santorini. Bollywood Actress Amy Jackson joined  Saira Rizwan on the red carpet at Fashion Parade London. The collection is stunning.  Fluid lines, soft fabrics, sleek geometric shapes, and a feel […]

Garnier Ombrelle Sport Sunscreen

The sun is out in full force so we tested Garnier Garnier Ombrelle Sport Endurance Sun Protection Oil Free NonGreasy Water and Sweat resistant UVA & UVB protection for these sport sunscreens for Victoria Day long weekend as well as summer protection. The texture is a thin, spreadable lotion that’s white at first, but especially the […]

Joico’s New Magic Way to Cover Up Roots

Joico has innovated a new way to quickly cover up roots:  the Joico Tint Shot Root Concealer. Inbetween time-consuming and expensive salon appointments, Joico’s little magic concealer just takes a few “shots” and it blends the roots out in seconds, while filling in thinning areas to look like thicker, fuller hair. The Brand describes the […]